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American Idol Top 3 drop new singles



The American Idol Top 3 of Colin Stough, Megan Stough and Iam Tongi dropped original songs at midnight.

They’ll be performing those songs Sunday when they vie for the Season 21 title on American Idol’s three-hour season finale (8 p.m. eastern time).

The Top 3 also posted videos explaining the story behind their songs.

Iam Tongi dropped “I’ll Be Seeing You,” a song he says is dedicated to his late father Rodney.

“The meaning of this song to me is, when you lose someone you love, everything that used to do with them reminds you of them,” Iam says.

“My dad, he had kidney failure and he used to go to dialysis. Every single time we pass the dialysis place, ‘Oh, look, it’s (where) dad (went).’

“I just want people to understand where I’m coming from and hopefully love the music,” he added.

Colin Stough’s single is called “I Still Talk to Jesus.”

“This song, when I talk about it, I’m a little lost for words,” he admits. “It’s exactly what it says it is, you know: I still talk to Jesus.

“It really means to me, just finding that ear that will listen, whether it’s an ear you can see or not. You can always talk to Jesus.

“The overall message of this song is really: ‘Don’t give up.’. Especially in this generation and this world. It’s really hard to keep going and still be able to find someone you can talk to. You always have that one source.”

Megan Danielle’s song, my personal favorite of the three, is called “Dream Girl.”

“Dream Girl just means sharing a positive message with everyone because I feel everyone can go through these dark times. And it’s just a reminder that you can keep chasing your dreams.

“The overall message of Dream Girl is really just to share positively and share kindness with everyone. I hope people feel the emotion and the love I put into the song.”

Here are snippets of those singles.

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