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An Emmy joke: A nomination for The Voice


Voice host and producer Carson Daly with Comeback Stage coach Bebe Rexha during Season 16. (NBC Photo)

Voice host and producer Carson Daly with Comeback Stage coach Bebe Rexha during Season 16. (NBC Photo)

So, let’s review what happened this spring.

The Voice mangled its format for Season 16.

Ratings plummeted to their lowest point ever.

The show shortened the live finals to just three weeks, making the notion that this was a legitimate singing competition laughable.

The show added more gimmicks, which ranged from unnecessary and irrelevant (a tweaked Comeback Stage) to predictably disastrous (the cross battles).

The end result: The Voice presented viewers with the worst season in singing show history for any show not named The Four on FOX.

The latest twist: The Voice is nominated for an Emmy in the reality competition category for Seasons 15 and 16.

Nope, I’m not joking. The Voice received an Emmy nomination.

American Idol, which presented a far superior Season 17 where we actually got to hear the most talented singers sing quite often, did not.

Which tells me the Emmys are a load of crap.

Which also might explained why Game of Thrones received a record-setting 32 nominations for a final season that seemed just slightly more well thought out and just slightly less rushed than Season 16 of The Voice.

Once upon a time, The Voice was deserving of Emmy consideration. In fact, the show won Emmys in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

In 2019, The Voice is not deserving of an Emmy nomination.

The Voice’s competition for the Outstanding Competition Program Emmy includes American Ninja Warrior, Nailed It, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Amazing Race and Top Chef.

I plan to pay zero attention on Sunday, Sept. 22, when FOX airs the Emmys.

But it sure is disheartening to know a show like The Voice can serve viewers garbage and still be honored for doing so.

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