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Check out new music from Marybeth Byrd, Tyson Venegas


Marybeth Byrd and Tyson Venegas on Top 10 night on American Idol. (ABC Photo)

Marybeth Byrd and Tyson Venegas on Top 10 night on American Idol. (ABC Photo)

Monday’s eliminations on American Idol included the only remaining platinum ticket holder and my favorite female voice on the show.

But if you’re a fan of Tyson Venegas or Marybeth Byrd, you can continue to support them by streaming the music they’ve already released.

Marybeth and Tyson have both released music since Season 21 of American Idol began, something that was unheard of — and probably prohibited — back in Idol’s heyday.

But it’s becoming much more common now, not to mention a savvy marketing move on the part of contestants eager to get ears on their original music while they’re in the national spotlight.

Marybeth even performed one of her new originals, “People Pleaser,” on Top 20 night. With 28,000 streams, it’s now her most popular song on Spotify.

Her other releases since the start of the year include “Jesus & Jail” and “Just Ain’t Right.”

And there will be more music coming from the 21-year-old, who placed eighth on The Voice back in the fall of 2019 after auditioning at age 18.

On Instagram, Marybeth writes that she’ll soon be traveling to Nashville to work with the collaborators she calls her dream “and start on some really cool stuff. Maybe an album?”

Marybeth also had two songs out prior to her run on the show.

As for Tyson, he had talked about music he’d released in a 2021 interview. In 2020, at age 14, he had competed on the second season of The Voice Teens in the Philippines.

But I couldn’t find Tyson’s originals on Spotify or Apple Music when I checked earlier this year.

That’s changed now.

On April 1, Tyson released a six-song self-titled EP. One of the songs on the EP, “180,” has been streamed 16,000 times on Spotify.

Sunday’s eliminated contestants — Lucy Love and Nutsa — also have music already out.

Meanwhile, they’re posting messages to their supporters on social media. Below is what Marybeth, Tyson and Lucy wrote following their eliminations. Head here for Nutsa’s post-Idol message.

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Marybeth Byrd: “All smiles here y’all…This journey has been such a blessing. It’s been absolutely EVERYTHING and has transformed me in more ways than I could’ve ever even imagined. I’m simply honored to have made it this far. God’s plan is much greater than my own, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for my future, so y’all stay tuned…Thank y’all for taggin’ along and lovin’ on me with the support. I’m SO proud of everyone in the top 7, I’ll be sittin’ at home with my dog cheerin’ y’all on!”

Tyson Venegas: “Thank you so much everyone for all ur luv🥹 Your support means a lot. My @AmericanIdol journey has come to an end but what an honor it has been. Ngl, I’m gonna miss my new fam.”

Lucy Love: “My @americanidol Journey has ended , but I’d like to thank the show for giving me such a wonderful opportunity & experience 😍I’d like to thank ALL of you who loved and supported me throughout my journey. America ,we still have work to do in the “Love” department 🤭 😍With all I have left in me , I’m continuing on with whatever heads my way !!! Thank you guys & goodnight 💪🏾❤️”

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