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Chloe MK says she’s ‘parted ways’ with Republic Records


Chloe MK (Kohanski) says she's parted ways with Republic Records.

Chloe MK (Kohanski) says she’s parted ways with Republic Records.

In a development that should shock no one, former Voice champ Chloe Kohanski — now performing as Chloe MK — has parted ways with Republic Records.

Chloe announced the news Monday on Twitter.

“I released ‘Fantasy’ (her debut EP in July) with every intention of releasing more music in 2019,” Chloe wrote.

“Nothing happened like I expected it to, but I’m grateful. (As of 2020) I have parted ways with the record label I was signed to.

“Excited for this new chapter and for my future🦋 thanks for sticking w me.”

You had to wonder if news like this was coming after Chloe collaborated with recent tour mate Sizzy Rocket on a pair of songs released independently early last month.

Besides, Republic Records has a horrendous track record with Voice winners. In fact, Chloe’s the first since Jordan Smith to get a project out of her record deal, part of the prize for winning The Voice.

Alisan Porter (Season 10), Sundance Head (Season 11) and Chris Blue (Season 12) didn’t get to release post-show projects until after they left Republic. Chloe won Season 13; and Season 14 champ Brynn Cartelli is signed to Atlantic Records.

On social media, Chloe seems pleased with where she is artistically.

As the New Year dawned, she tweeted: “2019: put out my first EP, made 3 music videos, toured twice with
@sizzyrocket, played Webster hall, wrote the next project, met so many of u🔒 kept my real ones close 🔒 bless this year butttttt hello 2020.”

Oh, and as for that new music …

“The new songs are going to make u shave ur head and only wear milk makeup,” Chloe promised on Instagram.

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