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Chloe MK, Sizzy Rocket collaborate on two new tracks


The cover for the new songs from Sizzy Rocket and Chloe MK (Kohanski)

The cover for the new songs from Sizzy Rocket and Chloe MK (Kohanski)

Former Voice champ Chloe Kohanski, now using the stage name Chloe MK, toured twice in support of Sizzy Rocket this year.

Now the two alternative artists have collaborated on two new songs released Tuesday.

They’re called “I Know What You Like” and “Body,” released under Sizzy’s name, but Chloe plays a prominent role vocally on both tracks.

Writes Sizzy on Instagram: “Chloe, I couldn’t have gotten thru the GRRRL era (Sizzy’s new album is called GRRRL) without ur badass energy. thank u for supporting me on tour this summer and being a light in my life.”

Chloe released her own major project, a debut EP called “Fantasy,” back in July.

And she writes on Instagram that she’s in a good place artistically.

“i don’t have the words to describe what the past 11 days have meant to me … tucked away in … BURBANK, california, writing every single day all day. never have i felt more electrified with music i can actually feel it coursing through my veins !!!!¡!¡

“i just listened through the songs and burst into tears. i can’t wait to share these songs w you whenever that might be.”

Here are snippets of the two new songs. They come with an explicit lyric warning.

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