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Debut EP coming from Ruby Mac


Ruby Mac, who auditioned for The Voice Season 16, is planning a debut EP

Ruby Mac, who auditioned for The Voice Season 16, is planning a debut EP.

Looks like we’ll be getting a debut EP from young singer-songwriter Ruby Mac this summer.

Ruby Mac is the stage name for Ruby McAloon, part of the daughter-father team who auditioned for Season 16 of The Voice.

Patrick made the show. Ruby, 16, from Barrington, R.I., failed to turn a chair.

But she’s since launched a Kick Starter campaign to fund a five-song debut EP. In fact, she’s already reached her $10,000 goal with a couple of days left to go.

“After The Voice, I’m more inspired by ever,” Ruby says in her Kick Starter video. “That opportunity really fueled my passion. And I’m determined to release my original music.”

Ruby says she wrote her first song with her dad when she was 4. She’s been performing alongside her dad and the Pat McGee Band he’s a part of for years.

She also recently did some demo work for former Voice finalist Tony Lucca. In fact, Tony’s a co-writer on one of the songs on the EP.

Ruby’s set up stretch goals for her campaign — one of which would allow her to record two additional songs — and all sorts of rewards for donors that you can check out on her Kick Starter page.

The estimated delivery date for the EP is listed as August 2019.

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