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Domo drops fun new music video

Domo with the children who appear in her new music video for Currency

Domo with the children who appear in her new music video for Currency.


Domo from Season 3 of The Voice has released a fun new music video.

It’s for her new single “Currency,” and the video finds her consulting with a psychiatrist to try to cure her addiction to spending money.

Though the addiction isn’t entirely self-indulgent. The video also finds her spending her dough to buy ice cream for children and rescue puppies in needs of a loving home.

In an interview with This is 50, Domo (pronounced Dah-moe) said she found the song “very relatable.”

“I’m addicted to shopping,” she said, pointing to Amazon and Children’s Place as two of her favorite online destinations. “The fact that I can sit at home and shop is amazing.”

From the Bronx, Domo had already spent several years as a professional hip-hop dancer before auditioning for The Voice in 2012 at age 26.

“Currency” is just the latest in a number of post-Voice music releases for her; they include the 2014 album “Domonation.”

She landed in Switzerland on Halloween for a performance there during an overseas trip that will also see her performing in China.

Domo and her husband have also celebrated the birth of a daughter Zoey since she appeared on The Voice, and she talks about balancing motherhood and music in the aforementioned This is 50 interview.

Here’s the music video for “Currency.” And, hey, I want one of those guns that shoots money (as long as I don’t have to fill it).

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