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Faith Becnel talks about her American Idol audition


Faith Becnel takes in the judges' feedback following her audition on American Idol Season 18. (ABC Photo)

Faith Becnel takes in the judges’ feedback following her audition on American Idol Season 18. (ABC Photo)

The last glimpse we had of Faith Becnel on American Idol Sunday night was of her walking out of the audition room proclaiming, “That was intense.”

She earned a golden ticket to Hollywood with her performance of “Lady Marmalade,” but it wasn’t unanimous.

Lionel Richie felt the 20-year-old from Louisiana needed more seasoning before advancing. Luke Bryan and Katy Perry cast the “yes” votes.

And Katy had plenty of encouraging words for Faith, telling her she has “tons of potential” and an undeniable “it” factor.

Here’s what Faith, who fronts a busy cover band back home, told Voice Views about her blind audition experience.

Idol Chatter: How did you wind up auditioning for American Idol Season 18 (ABC Season 3) and what prompted you to do it this year? Had you auditioned in the past?

Faith: My mom and guitar player mentioned that Idol was coming to Baton Rouge, La. My mom kept mentioning that she feels this year is my year to succeed and live out my fullest potential. She encouraged me to try my best, and she was correct! I am super excited to continue on to Hollywood and show American what I can do, and what I’ve been raised and trained to do for almost 11 years.

Idol Chatter: It had to be gratifying to hear Katy tell you that you have “tons of potential” and the “it” factor. What was that blind audition process like?

Faith: Hearing Katy Perry say these compliments really inspired me to work hard and live up to the ideas she mentioned. It ensured that everything I’ve learned and practiced was noticed by her and my 10 years of experience in the entertainment business was appreciated. It felt like a dream. The audition process was an incredible learning experience that really showed me the hectic life of being a star. I enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes of the show, and it feels incredible to have this opportunity.

Idol Chatter: How do you think your performance experience with your band back in New Orleans will benefit you on Idol?

Faith: Being raised in Louisiana creates such a naturally fun and entertaining side to the art of singing and entertainment. I am blessed to have learned the skills that creates a fun, enthusiastic performance, and I cannot wait to show American what I can really do with a microphone, big stage, and an engaging crowd.

Idol Chatter: And I read where you released a CD when you were very young. Have you released/do you have more current original music? And how would you describe your sound?

Faith: I have been in the cover band industry since I was 10 years old, so I am thrilled to have American Idol as potentially a platform to create, write, and produce music that represents my true influences, and musical style. Within the last year I begin writing my own music, and building my artistic side that will lavish throughout and after my time on the show. I’d describe my sound as a powerful, soul, unique Louisiana sound.

Editor’s Note: American Idol will air a final audition episode on Sunday. Then it’s off to Hollywood Week for Faith and the other gold ticket recipients. The first Hollywood Week episode airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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