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Former Voice runnerup Emily Ann Roberts drops debut EP


Emily Ann Roberts has released her debut EP

Emily Ann Roberts has released her debut EP.

Emily Ann Robert finished second on The Voice in December 2015.

Friday, she released her debut EP, a six-song collection called “Someday Dream.”

You’ll find Emily thanking fans for their patience, but not apologizing for the long gap in between.

After all, the gal from Knoxville, Tenn., was just 16 — still a high school student — when she auditioned for The Voice.

“I’m so thankful I took my time,” she has said. “I wanted to make sure that my first releases were songs that I was proud of and that represented me 100 percent.”

Half of the EP will already be familiar to Emily fans since “Stuck on Me + You,” “I’ve Got Forever” and the title track were previously released as singles.

In fact, Emily returned to The Voice to perform “Someday Dream” back in May and immediately watched the track soar up the iTunes Top 200.

EP closing “God Must Have Told You So” is the only song on the EP Emily doesn’t have a writing credit on. Emily told that the update “Wild” was inspired by her boyfriend, who gives her the freedom to be herself.

And she said the sassy “Easy On Me,” based on a past relationship that didn’t work out, is one of her favorites to play live.

“That’s my song on there for all my ladies who need a little pep talk about what they deserve and what they don’t deserve,” she told the site.

Physical copies of the new EP will be available through Emily Ann’s website and at her shows. She’s celebrating the release with a show in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., Friday and will perform at Waterfest in Beaufort, S.C., on Saturday.

Oh, and to learn all about Emily Ann’s impressive collection of cowboy boots, head here.

Here’s the music video for “I’ve Got Forever” from the “Someday Dream” EP.

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