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Former Voice standout Bryana Salaz appearing in new film

Bryana Salaz as Felice in Age of Summer, which comes out Friday

Bryana Salaz as Felice in Age of Summer, which comes out Friday.


Bryana Salaz of The Voice Season 7 in Age of SummerBryana Salaz, a Season 7 standout on The Voice, has a role in a movie scheduled to hit theaters and VOD sites on Friday.

The film is “Age of Summer” and Bryana plays the role of Felice, a junior lifeguard in a southern California beach town.

She’s not the star of the film. That job falls to Percy Hynes White, who plays Minnesota.

He’s the new kid in town and he tries to fit in with the locals by joining the junior lifeguards.

He winds up dealing with a ruthless coach, a summer crush, a covert drug mission, and a meeting with the fabled Rock God on his journey of self-discovery.

As Felice, Bryana plays a girl who seems older and more mature than the rest of the junior lifeguards.

As a result, she urges them to go outside of their comfort zones and take some risks that their parents wouldn’t approve of.

“Age of Summer” marks the latest in a series of acting roles for Bryana, who appeared on Season 2 of the Disney Channel show “Best Friends Whenever.”

Musically, Bryana has yet to release music of her own, though she was featured on a dance track called “No Tears Left to Cry” that landed earlier this year.

That could be changing though. On Twitter, Bryana wrote that she was New York bound for September, with plans to start work on a new Netflix show, adding that “I’m working on so much music, I literally am about to pass out from gratitude and joy.”

From San Antonio and 16 when she auditioned for The Voice, Bryana made it all the way to the Top 20. She recently celebrated her 21st birthday.

Here’s the trailer for “Age of Summer.”

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