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James Violet, Jake Wells, Zach Day release new music

  • James Violet from The Voice Season 17
    James Violet from The Voice Season 17


Recent post-Voice releases includes an EP from James Violet, a new single from Jake Wells and a new cover from Zach Day.

Here’s a bit about each of those releases.

As always, the links take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out Spotify snippets below.

* James Violet from Season 17, released his sophomore EP, “Don’t Send Me Flowers.” on Friday. It’s a five-song collection including lead single “Crush!” That song also got the music video treatment in which James wears a 1970s-style wig, is accompanied by a blow-up doll and crashes his RV into a field of sunflowers. “I have poured everything I have into this,” he says of the EP. “I hope you love it.” Voice colleague Brennen Henson lends a vocal assist on “Miss Daisy.”

* Jake Wells from Season 15 released the single “Far From Home” on Friday. It’s his first since his debut EP, “Sunday Morning,” landed back in February. Writes Jake on Instagram: “I am finding (consistently) that life pays no mind to my plans. The universe isn’t bothered by my desire for myself. God doesn’t exist to make me comfortable. This year has not followed my plans but I’m thankful to be here making music.”

* Zach Day from Season 18 has teamed up with Jes Hudak for a cover of Sheryl Crow’s classic hit “Strong Enough.” It’s a lovely rendition of the song, a collaboration Jes suggested and produced, Zach writes on Instagram. It’s great to hear from Zach, who posted a photo of himself in bed, suffering from COVID-19 back in early July. And from Jes, who finished third on the song-writing competition Platinum Hit back in 2011.

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