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Javier Colon about to release the album he ‘always wanted to make’


Javier Colon, Season 1 winner of The Voice (Photo by Tony Dube)The first ever winner of The Voice is about to release his first album in four years.

And Javier Colon is giving listeners a sample of what’s to come with a great lead single called “Gravity.”

The video for the song hit YouTube on Friday and pre-orders for the album by the same name are underway on iTunes.

Anyone pre-ordering the album gets the single “Gravity” as an instant download. And Javier is promising to release three more songs as downloads for those who pre-order between now and the album release date of April 15.

After winning the Voice back in 2011, Javier released an album called “Come Through for You” on Universal Republic Records the following year.

was not a commercial success, peaking at number 134 on the Billboard 200. Javier and the label later parted ways.

There are apparently no hard feelings.

Javier recently wrote on Facebook that he still tears up when he watches his Voice audition and that the experience changed his life.

As for his time with Universal Republic …

“I was happy with the album that I made for Universal, for the most part, but it was kind of an arranged marriage and it didn’t work out,” he says in a press release announcing the new album. “But that’s OK, I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason.”

The new album will be released through Concord Records, where Javier says “I can make the music that I’ve always wanted to make.”

“I got together with some good songwriters and musicians, and we just let it flow,” he adds. “I wanted to make an album where I could be free to be myself, with no walls or boundaries. I wanted the freedom to be myself musically, which is really all I’ve ever wanted, and I was surrounded by people who encouraged me to do that.”

Javier wrote most of the songs on the new album; the iTunes version includes 13 tracks.

Of course, Javier hasn’t exactly been idle during his time between albums.

He opened for Maroon 5 — remember, Adam Levine was his coach on The Voice — for a series of shows in Mexico and South America.

And he was a featured vocalist on a song called “When I Come Home” from saxophonist Jimmy Greene’s Grammy nominated “Beautiful Life” album, a tribute to his daughter Ana, who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in 2012.

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