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Jordan Chase talks about his blind audition on The Voice


Jordan Chase performs during his blind audition on The Voice Season 17. (NBC Photo)

Jordan Chase performs during his blind audition on The Voice Season 17. (NBC Photo)

The Season 17 cast on The Voice includes lots of singers who have released music and several seasoned performers.

Then there’s Jordan Chase, 19, of Pensacola, Fla.

His blind audition marked the first time he’d performed for an audience, according to his bio on The Voice website.

No matter. He made the most of the opportunity, turning two chairs with a performance of “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” by Drake White before opting to join Team Blake Shelton.

Here’s what Jordan told Voice Views about his blind audition experience.

Voice Views: How did you wind up auditioning for The Voice Season 17 and what prompted you to do it?

Jordan: It was my dream to have the chance to audition in front of the coaches on The Voice stage even though I felt very insecure about my singing. One day, I decided to submit a video of me singing and I was contacted a few weeks later. I didn’t think it was real at first!

Voice Views: Why did you choose “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” for your audition song?

Jordan: This is the first song I sang in front of people (friends and family). Also, I am a huge Drake White fan! I knew if I had the chance to sing a song for the coaches that I wanted it to be this one because it is very special to me.

Voice Views: Why did you decide to join Team Blake? Did you have a preference heading into the blind audition?

Jordan: I chose Team Blake because the genre of music I sing is blues/soul country, and I know he could give such good advice and opportunities for me to grow as an artist. I feel like even though he is a superstar he is still real, down to earth and personable. Plus, he has had the most finale appearances!

Heading into the blinds, I told myself that I would love to be on Team Kelly or Team Blake. But, honestly, I would have been honored to be on ANY team! Kelly because she has been through the reality TV competition and I feel like she would have such good advice not only on coaching me but coaching me through the whole process of the show.

Voice Views: Your Voice bio said the blind audition was the first time you sang for a live audience. Is that the case and what was that experience like?

Singing in front of a live audience felt like a dream. A lot of people have said being on stage was a blur to them, but for me, I took in every second! When I walked up on stage, I felt so nervous but as soon as the song started I told myself to just have fun. When Blake and Gwen turned their chairs, I felt like all the pressure was lifted off my shoulders.

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