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Kat Perkins, Brooke Stephenson, MaKenzie Thomas drop new music

  • Kat Perkins from The Voice Season 6
    Kat Perkins from The Voice Season 6


New post-Voice music out includes singles from Kat Perkins and Brooke Stephenson and a cover from MaKenzie Thomas.

Here’s a brief look at each of those releases.

The links below take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out the Spotify snippets below.

Kat and Brooke also have new music videos out.

* Kat Perkins from Season 6 released “Far Away,” a single about domestic abuse, on Friday. “I made a promise so myself this year to use my voice and platform for causes that are near and dear to my heart,” Kat writes on Instagram, noting that October is National Domestic Abuse Awareness Month and that there’s a national hotline for reporting abuse (1-800-799-SAFE). Kat’s raising money for And Now She Rises, an organization that assists survivors of domestic violence. She wrote “Far Away” with Eric Warner and Russ King. You can check out the music video here.

* Brooke Stephenson from Season 17 released “The Medicine,” her fourth single since the show on Friday. She timed the release for the day before World Mental Health Awareness Day, writing on Instagram: “I used to play this song live a few years ago, and people really seemed to connect with it, so here is the new and improved studio version. Take care of yourselves during this crazy time, especially your mental health.” And while she’s been writing songs since she was 10, Brooke said “The Medicine” is the first one she was brave enough to show to other people. Brooke also recently released the music video for her previous single, “Casanova.”

MaKenzie Thomas from Season 15 released a cover of “Naked” by Ella Mai on Friday and delivers a superb vocal on it. MaKenzie has plenty to celebrate these days. Her birthday is Oct. 17 and she just got married to Jacques Williams. “Naked” marks her third release of 2020.

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