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Katrina Cain shares message of perseverance in new single


Katrina Cain has released a new single called 'Slow Tragedy.'

Katrina Cain has released a new single called ‘Slow Tragedy.’

One of the biggest disappointments on Season 15 of The Voice was the knockout round elimination of Katrina Cain.

Katrina would be the young woman who turned every available chair with her splendid blind audition rendition of “Rhiannon” and landed a spot on Team Blake Shelton.

The good news: Katrina is already back with original music, a song she says was inspired by her time on The Voice.

It’s called “Slow Tragedy” and it’s about perseverance in the face of adversity.

“I won’t be your slow tragedy / and this won’t be the last you hear from me,” Katrina sings in a song she co-wrote with husband Andrew McMillan.

“This song. I wrote it after returning home from falling flat on my face in front of a live audience, in front of musicians I deeply respect, and eventually in front of an audience of 10 million,” Katrina writes on Facebook.

“And after getting stranded at the airport for 10 hours on 2 days without sleep (it’s a looooong story) I was pretty ready to give it all up. After all, I’m 29 living paycheck to paycheck. What’s the point?

“But this song isn’t about giving up, it’s about trying again … The last thing I remember from my performances on @nbcthevoice was Adam Levine coming over to me and saying ‘promise me you’ll keep doing this, promise me you won’t give up.’

“So I’m going to keep going and I’m going to try just one more time….and one more time after that.”

Head to Katrina’s Facebook page for her full explanation of the story behind the song. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Remember, the knockout round didn’t air on The Voice until October, but was filmed back in August.

In my opinion, Katrina should still be singing on The Voice. But here’s the video for “Slow Tragedy” and a link for downloading the song from iTunes.

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