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Kique nabs the instant save on The Voice


Kique from Team Gwen Stefani earned the second instant save of Season 22 on The Voice Tuesday night.

He’ll now advance to the Top 10 along with teammate Justin Aaron, Morgan Myles of Team Camila, Parijita Bastola, Kim Cruse and Omar Cardona of Team Legend and all of Team Blake.

The bottom four vote-getters in this week’s show had to sing for the save.

That pitted Kique against Devix and Eric Who of Team Camila and teammate Alyssa Witrado.

Here are song by song grades for the save performances.

For the second straight week, the singer with the highest grade went home.

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Song by song grades for the Top 13

Eric Who (Team Camila), “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus — Hold it! Is this real life or a nightmare. Because this pairing of singer and song would feel right at home if I were having a nightmare about The Voice. Fortunately, voters didn’t buy it either. Grade: D–

Alyssa Witrado (Team Gwen), “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish — Alyssa’s chances of advancing were toast before she opened her mouth. You see, she’s a California artist vying for an instant save 3 hours before the show even starts out there. As for the performance, I liked it more than Eric’s. Grade: D+

Devix (Team Camila), “When We Were Young” by The Killers — This was easily the best of the save performances. Devix showed strong stage presence, vocal versatility and capped it all with a nice glory note ending. He won’t advance, but we can look forward to his original music. Here’s betting he sounds even better on it than he does singing cover songs. Grade: B

Kique (Team Gwen), “Earned It” by The Weeknd — Fortunately, this performance got better the deeper Kique got into the song. Because that beginning was rough and featured way too many frills. At about the 1:30 minute mark, Kique dialed up lots more intensity and sounded save worthy. Grade: C+

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