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Lauren Duski thanks fans for Costume Party song and video


Lauren Duski, former Voice runner-up, in her music video for "Costume Party."

Lauren Duski, former Voice runner-up, in her music video for “Costume Party.”

Lauren Duski’s video for her debut single “Costume Party” opens with a couple of adorable young girls explaining what they think it means to be beautiful.

In fact, Lauren’s fans are featured throughout the video, singing snippets of the song, which delivers a message about accepting oneself, flaws and all.

But in a release day live chat on Facebook, Lauren said fans also played a key role in the creation of the song itself.

Last winter, Lauren invited fans to become her pen pal, to send her letters.

She expected maybe 20 letters, she says. She received many more. Hundreds of handwritten letters.

Some where merely Christmas cards. But in others, fans shared “really heavy parts of your life, things that I know a lot of you have never really shared with anyone before. And things that I know, if it were me, would be hard to share.”

Lauren says the vulnerability fans displayed “gave her the courage to open up” in the songwriting session that produced “Costume Party.”

Here’s the new music video from Lauren, runner-up on The Voice Season 12, and her fans.

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