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Anita Antoinette, Luke Wade, Taylor John Williams score iTunes hits on The Voice


Taylor John Williams performs in the live playoffs on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Taylor John Williams performs in the live playoffs on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Anita Antoinette owes Gwen Stefani a huge thanks for that song choice.

Of course, it would have meant little if Anita hadn’t pulled it off in such fun fashion.

Her cover of the Meghan Trainor hit “All About That Bass” wound up being the fan favorite on iTunes, winding up at number 56 when voting ended at noon EST.

Two other singers from Tuesday’s episode cracked the Top 75 on the iTunes overall singles chart — Taylor John Williams at number 63 and Luke Wade at number 66. Taylor John also topped the iTunes rock chart — that’s right, he’s at #1 — when voting ended.

Six other artists broke into the iTunes Top 200, including Sugar Joans with “I Say a Little Prayer” at number 85, Elyjuh Rene with “Latch” at number 103, DaNica Shirey of York with “Help Me” at number 120, Bryana Salaz with “Amnesia” at 128, Ricky Manning with “Lay Me Down” at 133 and Ryan Sill with “I Live” at number 181.

To check out the song by song grades from Tuesday’s show, head here

And here’s where all the songs from last night’s show wound up on the genre charts when voting ended.

Anita Antoinette, “All About That Bass” — #28 on the pop chart

Bryana Salaz, “Amnesia” — #55 on the pop chart

DaNica Shirey, “Help Me” — #52 on the pop chart

Elyjuh Rene, “Latch” — #5 on the R&B/Soul chart

Jean Kelley, “Piano in the Dark” — #89 on the pop chart

Luke Wade, “Let’s Get It On” — #32 on the pop chart

Ricky Manning, “Lay Me Down” — #56 on the pop chart

Ryan Sill, “I Lived” — #70 on the pop chart

Sugar Joans, “I Say a Little Prayer” — #39 on the pop chart

Taylor John Williams, “Stuck in the Middle” — #1 on the rock chart

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