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Makayla Phillips talks about American Idol and her musical aspirations

Makayla Phillips during her Top 11 show at-home performance on American Idol. (ABC Photo)

Makayla Phillips during her Top 11 show at-home performance on American Idol. (ABC Photo)


Makayla Phillips made a big impression on national television with her singing talent for a second time this spring.

A golden buzzer recipient on America’s Got Talent at age 15, Makayla auditioned for American Idol and made it all the way to the Top 11.

She was eliminated in the episode that aired Sunday.

But not before getting to show off her vocal versatility with a superb version of Miranda Lambert’s country hit “The House That Built Me.”

And not before getting to introduce American Idol fans to her pet rats, Bada and Bing, on one of the “This is Me” episdes.

Here’s what Makayla, 17 when she auditioned for Idol, told Idol Chatter about her time on the show and her plans for music.

Idol Chatter: What do you consider your biggest takeaway / lesson learned from the American idol experience?

Makayla: My biggest takeaway/lesson learned would definitely be during Hollywood week. The amount of pressure that is put on the contestants is crazy, and making sure you manage your time is so important. I learned so much about myself and how to cope under those circumstances.

Idol Chatter: Which was your favorite American Idol performance and why?

Makayla: My favorite performance was The Prayer performance (her Hollywood Week duet with Cyniah Elise). I love to collaborate and also be challenged at the same time, and love seeing the results of my hard work pay off.

Idol Chatter: What was the experience like, performing for American Idol — and fans around the country — from your own home?

Makyala: Performing from home was so much fun! I am a homebody to begin with, love spending time with my family, and to be able to continue to compete on the show from home was ideal for me! I’ve been posting covers and my own music from an “at home” format for so many years, it just felt natural for me.

Idol Chatter: Obviously lots of plans are in limbo because of the pandemic, but what are your post-Idol plans musically? Where are you hoping this opportunity leads? Also, what can you tell me about your Instagram post regarding a July 8 Netflix “original” entitled “Makayla?

Makayla: Haha! Regarding the post about “Netflix,” that was a fan-made post, they made for fun. I didn’t realize it would come across so real?!? My plans for post-Idol is to get back into the studio, hopefully get signed, managed, and I would love to pursue modeling on the side!

Idol Chatter: Do you plan to release music anytime soon? If so, what can you say about the sound, the timing, etc.?

Makayla: I put out two songs within the last year, both written by me! Because I dedicated so much of my time to Idol, I stepped back from writing until now. I definitely want to get back to my songwriting and back into the studio to release more music. My sound is definitely R&B.

Idol Chatter: Finally, is there anything else you’d like to add about the Idol experience?

Makayla: I just can’t believe that my dream came true and I was able to compete on the show. I feel so blessed to have gone as far as I did, with so many amazing singers that auditioned. I’ve made so many incredible friends along the way, and I would tell anyone with a dream to go after it. It’s all about putting the work in and chasing after that dream until it comes true!

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