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Mara Justine, Kaylee Shimizu, Jacquie Roar sparkle as The Voice knockouts begin

Mara Justine performs as The Voice Season 24 knockout round began Monday night. (NBC Photo)

Mara Justine performs as The Voice Season 24 knockout round began Monday night. (NBC Photo)


The Voice began its three-way knockouts at the end of Monday’s show.

And three ladies — Kaylee Shimizu, Mara Justine and Jacquie Roar — certainly delivered knockout performances.

Each coach has a steal, a save and something called a super save during this round.

As Monday’s show ended, Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan were trying to steal Mara Justine.

We’ll find out which team she chooses to join at the beginning of Tuesday’s show.

Oh, and once again, The Voice will air a recap at 8 p.m. Tuesday, followed by new knockouts 0at 9 p.m.


The match: Jacquie Roar vs. Tom Nitti vs. Alison Albrecht
The background: Jacquie, 37, of North Plains, Oregon, turned four chairs during the blinds. Alison, 23, of Novi, Mich., turned one chair, as did Tom, 31, of New Hartford, N.Y. Jacquie is a steal from Team Gwen.
The song: “GIRL” by Maren Morris for Jacquie; “It’s Too Late” by Carole King for Alison; “I’m Losing You” by The Temptations for Tom.
The feedback: Coming when Monday’s episode is available for streaming.
The outcome: Reba McEntire declared Jacquie the winner. She then opted to save Tom. Gwen Stefani also tried to steal Tom. He decided to stay with Team Reba. Alison was eliminated.
My take: Another sterling performance from Jacquie. She’s a country rocker, and that song choice worked perfectly for her, demonstrating her vocal versatility and firepower. I bet she’s tons of fun to watch live. Tom showed off lots of energy, but took the stage with a curious song choice. It didn’t really work. Vocally, Alison was more impressive. But she needed a song that made more of an impact. Jacquie was the clear winner. My guess is Reba will have artists who prove more worthy of the save she just used on Tom.

Team Legend

The match: Kaylee Shimizu vs. Mara Justine vs. Caleb Sasser
The background: Kaylee, 17, of Ewa Beach, Hawaii, turned four chairs in the blinds. So did Mara, 21, of Galloway, N.J. and Caleb, 27, of Goldsboro, N.C. That’s right, this will be a showdown between a trio of four-chair turns.
The song: “Jealous” by Nick Jonas for Caleb; “Ain’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin for Kaylee; “Without You” by Harry Nilsson for Mara.
The feedback: Coming when this episode is available for streaming.
The outcome: John named Kaylee the winner. Niall and Gwen then swooped in and tried to steal Mara. John, who has a save, must not have wanted two standout female powerhouses on the same team. Reba McEntire must have slept through the performance. Or forgotten on to press her steal button.
My take: Caleb showed off nice range, but that performance didn’t come close to living up to his four-chair turn resume. Not sure the song was a good fit. Did that much soul and vocal firepower really come out of young Kaylee? She’s a dynamo on stage. At 17. But my clear favorite was Mara. She has every bit as much vocal firepower and brings such an assured command of the stage to every performance. Whoever lands her will truly have gotten a steal of a deal.

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