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Meet Jaeden Luke of The Voice Season 22


Jaeden Luke from The Voice Season 22

Jaeden Luke from The Voice Season 22

His audition: Jaeden Luke, 22, of Bothell, Wash., performed “Make It With You” by Bread. His acoustic cover of the song earned chair turns from John Legend and Blake Shelton, the only coaches with spots left on their teams. John said he has a mesmerizing vibe. Camila called his voice special. Jaeden decided to join Team Blake, nabbing the final spot on his team.

Here’s more about Jaeden.

* He’s a singer-songwriter from the Seattle, Wash., area.

* In a 2019 Q&A video, Jaeden says his biggest musical inspiration growing up was The Beatles.
“You won’t find a bigger Beatles fan than this guy,” he says. “I have every Beatles album.”

* And Jaeden says listening to The Beatles over and over inspired him to teach himself guitar so he could eventually “try to do what they do.”

* He’s since taught himself to play piano, drums and bass guitar as well and also loves the challenge of producing his own songs.

* And he’s released a good deal of music — a debut EP called “Fly” in 2019, an album claled “Free of Me” later the same year and an EP called “Anywhere” that dropped in May.

* Prior to that release, Jaeden says he deleted all his social media to focus on the record and “find myself again. Blessed to have rediscovered my identity through this process, and thankful to now be feeling stronger than ever as a person and as an artist.”

* He doesn’t shy away from difficult topics in his music. Among the originals he’s shared on social media but hasn’t released yet is “Still.” It’s a song he wrote “for the two miscarriages my mom had before I was born. I sometimes think about their souls and who they’ve would’ve been had they lived on earth.”

* Another of his originals, “Beautiful,” was written for his older sister, Kianna, who battled an eating disorder. According to Jaeden’s website, the song was recognized by the National Eating Disorders Association in an official outreach series. Check it out below.

* He’s opened for Chris Isaak and Little Feat at shows in the Seattle area.

* And based on the frequency with which he covers their music, other inspirations include John Mayer and Ed Sheeran.

Jaeden on social media:

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