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Meet Kya Monee’ of American Idol Season 21


Kya Monee' of American Idol Season 21

Kya Monee’ of American Idol Season 21

Kya Monee’ is among the singers who auditioned for American Idol Season 21.

American Idol returns to ABC on Sunday, Feb. 19 for its Season 21 premiere.

Here’s more about Kya.

* She’s Austin-based R&B artist Kya Magruder.

* She auditioned for Season 19 at age 19 and made it deep into the competition, being eliminated when the Idol judges cut the cast to 24.

* But Idol fans will be forgiven if they don’t remember her. The only performance of Kya’s the show aired was a duet of Rihanna’s “Stay” with Willie Spence during Hollywood Week.

* That performance brought all three judges to their feet and brought Katy Perry to tears. Lionel Richie called it “divine.”

* Kya wrote on Facebook that “I feel so damn accomplished in making it to to 40-50. This whole experience has been great. Everytime I went on that stage, they gave me a standing ovation.” She said Lionel referred to her as “our wonder woman.”

* Fittingly, Kya told an Austin TV station that she was inspired by the careers of two former American Idol contestants, Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia.

* She also said she’d been singing since age 4.

* Since appearing on the show, Kya released a four-song EP called “Stages of a Heartbreak” on Austin-based Tap Out Records. You can check out the music video for one of those songs, “I’m Leaving,” below.

* She also has more than 500,000 followers on TikTok.

* During their Idol run, Kya became friends with Willie Spence, who ultimately finished second, but died in a traffic accident in October. She paid tribute to him on Instagram, writing: “You became my brother and my friend in one. Getting a call saying that you were no longer here made my stomach turn and heart break … thank you so much for becoming my brother and showing me how capable i was of becoming a star. I love you so much; you’re always in my heart.”

Kya on social media:

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