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Meet Mikaela Astel of The Voice Season 16


Mikaela Astel earned a spot on Team Kelly Clarkson for The Voice Season 16. (NBC Photo)

Mikaela Astel earned a spot on Team Kelly Clarkson for The Voice Season 16. (NBC Photo)

Her audition: Mikaela Astel, 14, of Queens, N.Y., auditioned with “Electric Love” by BØRNS. Her unique singing voice enticed an immediate chair turn from Kelly Clarkson. She also enticed a chair turn from John Legend. Kelly complimented her on a tone that can’t be taught — one that’s beautiful and angelic. Mikaela opted to join Team Kelly.

More about Mikaela

* Mikaela started music lessons at the School of Rock when she was 7. She played showcases with the School of Rock all over New York City, according to her Voice bio.

* She recently started high school at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and performs at open mics around town, that bio adds.

* Mikaela said her grandmother and sister are her musical inspirations. “I remember my grandma always singing in the church choir and around the house. My sister, Angelina, was also always singing around me. I really felt a connection to music and wanted to be a part of this musical bond that was going on.” She says she sometimes performs with a band her sisters and friends started called Basement Daydream.

* In terms of musicians, she says she looks up to artists who have a unique sound, including Aurora and Ed Sheeran. She covers a wide array of artists on her YouTube channel. Below, you can check out her version of “Candlelight,” a single released by Zhavia, of The Four on Fox fame.

* Though she hasn’t released music yet, Mikaela told Voice Views she’s been working on original music. “I love songwriting because it is a way to get out my emotions and really use my imagination. I hope I can one day inspire people with my music the same way I have been inspired by others. I would describe my sound as rich but also ethereal.”

* Mikaela said a producer contacted her about auditioning for The Voice. “I, of course, said yes because it was something I had always wanted to do from when I was little. I have always loved the show and watched it with my family.” As for trying The Voice at such a young age, she said “I feel like you just have to go for what you believe you’re meant to do and, if it doesn’t work out, you can always try again.”

* As for deciding to join Team Kelly, Mikaela said she was aware of the success Kelly has had with young artists — winning Season 14 with Brynn Cartelli and Season 15 with Chevel Shepherd. But she said that wasn’t the deciding factor.

* “I picked Team Kelly because of what she said in that moment,” Mikaela told Voice Views. “It wasn’t really a planned pick. I just really connected to what she was saying at the time. I think her success with young singers in the past was in the back of my mind, but I picked her because of how passionate she is about the singers she hears and how much she helps out young artists.”

On social media:
Twitter: @MikaelaAstel

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