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Meet Olivia Reyes of The Voice Season 19


Olivia Reyes from Teaneck, N.J., auditioned for The Voice Season 19

Olivia Reyes from Teaneck, N.J., auditioned for The Voice Season 19

Her audition: Olivia Reyes, 19, of Teaneck, N.J., auditioned with “Falling” by Harry Styles. John turned early in performance. Before it ended, Gwen turned as well. John complimented Olivia on a gorgeous tone. The coaches were amazed to discover she performed so well with so little on-stage experience. Olivia decides to join Team John.

Here’s more about Olivia:

* One of her best friends’ father is Jermaine Paul, who won Season 2 of The Voice with Blake Shelton as his coach.

* His advice when he learned she was auditioning for the show: “Be yourself.”

* Olivia says she’s half Dominican and half Puerto Rican and that music was always playing around her house when she was growing up.

* But while she loved music and sang with a good friend, she was too shy to perform in public.

* “The shower was my stage,” she told The Voice. “I performed in my shower like no other.”

* She attended high school at Immaculate Heart Academy and Teaneck (N.J.) High School and now attends college, studying entertainment business.

* She told that Season 19 marked the third time she had auditioned for the show.

* And she told the judges that her blind audition was one of just a handful of times she’s performed on a stage.

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