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Meet Sydney Rhame of The Voice Season 9


Sydney Rhame of The VoiceHer audition: Sydney Rhame, 16, of Atlanta, Ga., auditioned with Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph.” Her superb vocal on the song prompted a chair turn from Pharrell Williams, the only coach with a spot left on his team. Pharrell complimented her on a “beautiful range” and called her “a shining star.”

Her background: Sydney says she learned to play guitar at age 7 and had already started writing songs. She says she played her first show at age 8 and was doing open night mics by age 10. Her dad serves as her roadie and Sydney says he’s the main reason she’s trying out for the show. Her dad also struggles with MS, which Sydney says has been tough on the family, both emotionally and financially. “I wish I could do more, but I’m only 16, so I try to keep a positive attitude. We may not have a lot of money, but we’re very rich when it comes to love.” To save up for college, she teaches kids guitar.

What the show didn’t show: According to her website bio, Sydney plays piano as well as guitar, has written more than 100 songs and performed for more than 200 audiences all over the country.

Oh, she’s also released two EPs of all original material — a self-titled effort in 2013 and a much more mature sounding followup called “Keep Dancing” in 2014. And she’s only 16. Standout tracks include “I’ve Tried” from the former and “Jack Johnson” and “For Now” from the later. You can check out the video for “Jack Johnson” and another original below.

Her Facebook bio indicates she released an earlier EP at age 12, with all the proceeds going to an education foundation. She’s also an honor student and cheerleader and she’s been studying music production “with the ultimate goal of garnering more control over her music and helping others produce their own music.”

During a conference call with the media, Sydney said she had absolutely no idea there was only one spot remaining in the Season 9 cast when she took the stage.

“I was already just terrified as it was,” she admitted. “But when I saw that Pharrell turned around, I felt so amazing because he was my first choice. And then when I saw Blake’s head, and Adam’s head, and Gwen’s head, I realized that there were no spots left and I just — it was just such an amazing moment for me.”

She obviously can’t divulge what happens next in the competition, but says Pharrell “gives off the best energy and is just so great to all the people on his team.” She added that he’s already helped her a lot with her confidence.

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On iTunes: Sydney released an eight-track self-titled album in 2013, then followed it up with a 7-track EP called “Keep Dancing” in September 2014.

Battle round: Lost to Madi Davis, singing “Riptide,” and was eliminated.

Keeping up with Sydney:
Twitter: @SydneyRhame

Jack Johnson (from her 2014 EP)

Wish I Was (from her 2014 EP)

Blank Space (cover)

Blind audition — “Photograph”

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