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Meet The Marilynds of The Voice Season 22


The Marilynds from The Voice Season 22

The Marilynds from The Voice Season 22

Their audition: The Marilynds, a sister duo of Lindsay (34) and Kasey (30) from La Plata, Md., performed “What If I Never Get Over You” by Lady A: Lindsay and Kasey sound great singing together and earned quick chair turns from John Legend and Camila Cabello. Surprisingly, Blake Shelton stayed put. Camila pitched her experience with Fifth Harmony as a bonus for the sisters. John said he thinks they could go far in the competition. The Marilynds decided to join Team Legend.

Here’s more about The Marilynds.

* The sister duo includes Lindsay and Kasey Staniszewski. They’re “not twins, but occasionally talk in sync,” according to their social media bios.

* They’re also both former Miss Marylands. Lindsay was Miss Maryland 2010 and Kasey was Miss Maryland USA 2013.

* They describe themselves as a pop-country duo, they’re currently based in Nashville and their harmonies are truly something to hear.

* In their website bio, they say they were born to perform and raised in a home that was always filled with music. They credit their parents for introducing them to a wide range of music, from Broadway to country.

* Both grew up performing in community theater and “singing anywhere they could find an audience.” They’ve performed fr the USO, Wounded Warriors Project, the Children’s Miracle Network, the Girl Scouts and Special Olympics.

* They’ve also released five singles, mostly covers. Be sure to check out their glorious version of Reba McEntire’s “Back to God,” released in 2020.

* Their latest release, “Saving Grace,” is an original that Lindsay wrote about their mom. It came out in November.

* Writes Lindsay: “For years since moving to Nashville, we’ve been encouraged to write our own music — and for so long, I doubted my own abilities. But with time, trial, passion and divine intervention, I couldn’t be more excited to share a song I wrote and composed for my mom. A true ‘Saving Grace,’ my mother has been there for me since I was young, supporting me, loving me, and encouraging me through some of the hardest and darkest times. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her unwavering faith and belief in my abilities and my special, God-given power.” Check out the song below.

* Oh, and about the twin bit. The duo also address that in one of their most recent social media posts, writing: “We get asked all of the time if we’re twins. Maybe it’s the way we randomly talk in sync, or the shared mannerisms that we get from our mom, or the fact that we can telepathically communicate on stage.

“Truth be told, we take it as a compliment because we are incredibly close. Our bond was formed decades ago, and it’s been tested and tried by the challenges, disappointments and external energies we’ve faced individually and together.

“While we each bring unique characteristics to the world, we complement each other — and nothing could ever break the powerful connection that we share. Best friends at the core, we have been each other’s encouragement, support, and right hands when it felt like we had no one else.

“Being able to pursue our shared dream together — and staying true to our values — has been the most rewarding journey, and it’s still just the beginning.”

The Marilynds on social media:

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