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Meet Will Breman of The Voice Season 17


Will Breman of The Voice Season 17. (NBC Photo)

Will Breman of The Voice Season 17. (NBC Photo)

His audition: Will Breman, 25, of Santa Barbara, Calif., sang “Say You’ll Be There.” He promised a jazz-i-fied, funk-i-fied version of the Spice Girls song. He certainly changed the song up, but it was the scatting midway through the song that prompted chair turns from John Legend and Gwen Stefani. John liked his interesting take on the song, then took the stage so he and Will could sing a bit of “Ordinary People” together. Will decided to join Team John.

Here’s more about Will.

* He’s a Santa Barbara based soul singer and performer.

* In his web bio, he says his adventures in music started at a young age, taking voice lessons from his mother and teaching himself to play guitar.

* Since then, he writes that he’s “tried everything from screaming in metal bands to serenading at coffee shops, and most recently playing banjo in bluegrass groups.”

* But two years ago, according to an Instagram post, he decided to quit his retail job and pursue music full time as a solo artist.

* He explains the impetus behind that decision this way: “I was not happy with the band I was in, was dreading my day jobs, and felt lost and scattered creatively.”

* Will’s recovered nicely, calls pursuing music the “best decision I ever made” and launched his first solo tour in August in the Santa Barbara area.

* That came on the heels of the release of his debut album, the seven-song “Santa Barbara Soul Music,” released in March. “Tiny House” and “AnneMarie” are especially impressive. Check out the latter below.

On social media:
Twitter: @WillBremanMusic

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  1. Poppy December 9, 2019 at 3:27 am -  Reply

    Will is the top Voice contestant in 17 seasons who’s CD I would buy, I would also go to his concert. I’ve been to see Chevel Shepherd and look forward to her CD when it comes out, she is a great country performer and very real. Will is in his own jazzy, soulful lane with rock star energy and an unforgettable stage presence – I enjoy the genre Will presents along with his compelling voice. A tiny bit reminiscent of Bowie (Modern Love, Fame) while completely original.

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