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Mia Z releases ‘Evidence’ of her commitment to music


Mia Z. from The Voice Season 8

Mia Z. from The Voice Season 8

Mia Z, a standout on Season 8 of The Voice at age 16, released her third album Saturday.

It’s an impressive seven-song collection, with more of a pop and less of a blues vibe than Mia displayed en route to a Top 12 finish on the show.

The album is called “Evidence,” and Mia — last name Zanotti — explains that choice on Instagram.

She says she views the project “as proof that no matter what, I will always continue to create music and follow my dreams and passion … all through God who strengthens me.”

The album includes a couple of previously released songs, including “Danger” and “On the Knife,” featuring Dead Man Switch.

Among the most impressive of the new tracks are the heartfelt title track, a second collaboration with Dead Man Switch called “More Than This” and the superb “What Do I Do.”

Missing, surprisingly, is Mia’s most recent single, “Remedy.” She had released a music video for that song — which includes a rap segment — just a month ago.

Mia credits RJ Bertera, Kyle Horrell and her mom for helping make the project possible.

“This album consists of not only everything I have been through the past four years of my life, but exactly what I am currently living through as well.

“To find people who allow you to just express yourself and help express that is something you don’t just find every day. They are each beyond talented and have a special way of capturing my thoughts, feelings and being able to translate it into lyrics, a melody and music.”

Mia’s previous albums were “The Beginning” from 2012 and a self-titled collection from 2016, a year after she appeared on the show.

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