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New EPs from Mandi Castillo, Niki Dawson

  • Mandi Castillo from The Voice Season 18
    Mandi Castillo from The Voice Season 18


Recent post-Voice releases include EPs from Mandi Castillo and Niki Dawson and a single from Brian Scartocci.

In addition, Josh Kaufman, Abby Kelso and Avery Wilson are featured on new releases.

Here’s a look at each of those releases. The links take you to the new music on Apple Music. Or you can check out the Spotify snippets below.

* Mandi Castillo, one of the bright lights on Season 18, has released a six-track, self-titled EP. “I Love You, I Think” has gotten the music video treatment and is one of the highlights of the project. Mandi said her goal was “to have a different sound … an authentic sound, not just with my vocals, but with the beats.” She penned all six songs and is far from finished, writing over the weekend on social media that “I won’t let y’all wait to long for even more new music! Always grinding.” Mandi had already dropped a fine post-Voice debut single, the bilingual “My Heart Cries,” in June. That song isn’t included on the EP.

* Niki Dawson from Season 1 has released a four-song EP called “Last Summer.” Writes Niki: “It’s been two years since I released some music. And little did I know all the pain would give me so much more to say.” Be sure to check out “Trust Issues” from the new EP. Niki will be featured on Soundcloud Sessions this Thursday.

* Brian Scartoccci from Season 3 released the single “99 Degrees” recently. It’s a fun song that stays true to his retro-soul sound. It follows “Trust in Love” and “No Kind of Pitiful” as his third single of 2020. Austin Roach, a member of Brian’s band, produced the songs.

In addition …

* Josh Kaufman, the winner of Season 6, has released an a cappella version of “Amazing Grace.” He’s also hosting Facebook live concerts every Monday and Thursday during the pandemic.

* Abby Celso from Season 10 serves up the vocals on a cover of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure,” released by Scary Pockets. “Always a treat when I get to sing with these guys,” says Abby, who released her own single, “Dumb,” back in May.

* Avery Wilson from Season 3 lends a vocal assist on “What I Like,” a new single from Kenyon Dixon. Says Avery: “My Guy @kennygotsoul is a beast to say the leas! Glad to be apart of such a dope record.”

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