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New music from Josh Gallagher, Corey Kent and JessLee

  • Josh Gallagher from The Voice Season 11
    Josh Gallagher from The Voice Season 11


New country music released by former contestants from The Voice include an album from Corey Kent, an EP from Josh Gallagher and a single by Jess Lee.

Here’s a look at those releases. As always, the links take you to the releases on Apple Music. Or you can check out the Spotify snippets below.

Josh Gallagher, fourth on Season 11 of The Voice, has released “Turn Around Town,” a five-song EP that marks his second since the show. Says Josh: “I am so proud of this record. I’m starting to reveal an entirely new chapter of my music. This is the first time I feel like I’ve really been able to be completely transparent with who I am, and I’m incredibly excited for my fans to see that. As an artist, you always want every project to be better than the last, and Turn Around Town is hands-down the best music I’ve ever put out.”

Corey Kent from Season 8 recently released his debut album “From the West.” In truth, from what I can tell, it includes just two new tracks — “Something to Get You Through” and “Boys Growing Up” — but they’re both solid country songs. Most of the other tracks on the albums were released on a pair of EPs Corey released last year. On The Voice, he went by his full name, Corey Kent White, and finished Top 8.

JessLee from Season 14 has a new single out called “Do It Like.” It comes with a challenge, she writes on Instagram. “In a time where so many people are living in fear, I want to challenge you with something. I urge you to make powerful decisions based on the person you want to become… Your evolved, growing you. Your cognizant hero … When confronted with a bold decision, ask you yourself: What would my inner Hero do right now? And then #doitlike that!”

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  1. JEANNE STEINBERG September 4, 2020 at 8:51 am -  Reply

    Well it seems like these artists are doing well on their own. Way to go guys. You don’t need to win a contest…just follow your dreams and work hard to make them happen. I know that JessLee works her butt off every day to reinvent herself. Well done y’all.

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