After The Voice

New music from Preston C. Howell, Whitney Myer, Owen Danoff and more

  • McKenzi Brook and Preston C. Howell from The Voice Season 17
    McKenzi Brook and Preston C. Howell from The Voice Season 17


New post-Voice music out include singles from Preston C. Howell, Whitney Myer and Owen Danoff.

We also have new songs from three duos/groups — Beat Frequency, Dwight and Nicole and TriOrca, featuring none other than Whitney Myer.

Here’s a bit about each of those releases. The links take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out the Spotify snippets below.

* Preston C. Howell from Season 17 of The Voice has dropped his first single since, an upbeat tune called “Supply and Demand.” It’s part of a “Leave on the Light” music movement to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. The song was written by Bcuz. “I feel honored he chose me to tell his story and help end the stigma associated with mental health,” Preston says in a press release about the song. The lyric video features TikTok star Mckenzi Brooke. Part of the proceeds from the song will go to Thank You First Responders, a nonprofit dedicated to mental health care for first responders.

* Whitney Myer from Season 2 has a pair of new songs out, “Ever So” as a solo artist and “Le Petite Mort” with the band TriOrca. She calls “Ever So” her first fully self-produced song and she released it to Bandcamp earlier this month when the site was allowing artists to keep 100 percent of all sales for a 24-hour period. Whitney donated her proceeds to Black Lives Matters Los Angeles and matched those earnings with a donation of her own for a contribution of more than $600. The track was released to streaming sites Friday. “Le Petite Mort” came out a week earlier. “We battled with deciding to release music in this time, but collectively came to the conclusion that new music isn’t a bad thing.”

* Owen Danoff released “Wax Museum,” his second single of 2020 on Friday. It’s a song he wrote about a month after his uncle died. Owen told that some of his memories of times with his uncle were crystal clear, “but the details surrounding them tended to be blurry. I was in a very reflective mood and wanted to try to capture the impermanence of memory – a tall order for a three-minute song – but hopefully some of it came across.”

* Dwight and Nicole released “Higher Ground,” their first single of 2020 on Friday. “I hope this song reaches the ears that it is meant for. I hope it helps. I hope it gets shared, and played so loud that it opens closed doors,” the duo writes on social media. With many doors still closed, Dwight and Nicole will play a July 4 show at a drive-in in Essex Junction, Vermont, Saturday night. Nicole Nelson was a contestant on Season 3 of The Voice.

* Beat Frequency from Season 2 recently released a fun new single called “Gunnin for Your Love.” It’s the first of 2020 from the duo of Shawn Lewis and Natasha Neuschwander. They specialize in electo-pop and released their second post-Voice album, “The Winner,” in October.

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