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New singles from Shalyah Fearing, Ashland Craft and more

  • Shalyah Fearing of The Voice Season 10
    Shalyah Fearing of The Voice Season 10


Check out recent singles from Shalyah Fearing, Ashland Craft, Jessica Childress, Jordan Rager and the duo of Beat Frequency below.

All were contestants on The Voice. Shalyah and Ashland cracked the Top 12.

* Shalyah Fearing released her first single since 2017 Friday. It’s called “Betta,” and Shalyah writes on Instagram “my producer and I have worked long, hard, and diligently on this new single! I put my heart and soul in this!” Shalyah was just 15 when she made it to the Top 8 on The Voice Season 10. She’s also performed the anthem at a Boston Celtics playoff game and at the New York-Boston baseball game this year.

* Ashland Craft released “They Always Do” on Friday. It’s her first single of 2019 and just her third since The Voice, but she writes on social media “I’m excited because this is only the beginning.” A South Carolina native now based in Nashville, she wrote the new tune with Jonathan Singleton and Ray Fulcher. Ashland was Top 10 on Season 13.

* After a long silence, the electro pop duo Beat Frequency is back with their second single this summer. This one is called “Undead” — as in, it’s time to liven up the club. Beat Frequency is married couple Natasha Neuschwander and Shawn Lewis, who we met back on Season 3 of The Voice.

* Jessica Childress from Season 4 recently released a fun, pop-dance single called “Work It.” She wrote the song with Jim Bianco and explains it this way: “I am constantly inspired by my bad-ass girls out here working hard, making money, in the struggle. This one’s for you!” Earlier this year, Jessica spent three months touring Italy as a background singer for Elisa Toffoli.

* Country singer Jordan Rager has released his third recent single, this one called “Where Have You Been All My Life.” Jordan made a splash back in 2016 with his “Southern Boy” single, which featured then label-mate Jason Aldean. His other recent releases under Rise House Records were “Small Town Talkin'” and “Colorblind.” Jordan was a contestant on The Voice way back in Season 2.

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