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OK3, Dani Stacy sparkle on The Voice

Kenna Fields, Sierra Sikes and Courtney Hooker of OK3 celebrate a four-chair turn on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Kenna Fields, Sierra Sikes and Courtney Hooker of OK3 celebrate a four-chair turn on The Voice. (NBC Photo)


The Voice didn’t have a single group among its 54 artists on Season 24.

In one night, two groups landed spots on Season 25.

OK3, a female pop trio from Oklahoma, and twins Justin and Jeremy Garcia turned chairs as The Voice kicked off Season 25 Monday night.

The show introduced us to seven of the 40 artists who will make up Season 25 during the premiere, which ended with a bit of a cliff hanger.

OK3, which broke up in 2017, but reunited after seeing groups do so well on The Voice, turned four chairs. But the show ended before we learned who the ladies will chose as their coach.

Here’s a recap of Monday’s show. I’ve posted profiles of every featured artist, so follow the links to learn more about their musical background and any music they’ve already released. Five of the seven have done so.

Editor’s Note: I’ll add the rest of the performance videos when they’re available.


OK3 (Sierra Sikes, 23, Kenna Fields, 22, and Courtney Hooker, 25), “Made You Look” by Meghan Trainor: The ladies show off impressive harmonies as soon as the song starts, prompting chair turns from everyone but Chance the Rapper. By the middle of the fun performance, he turns as well. Impressively, the ladies did miss a beat, or let up one bit after turning all four chairs, impressing with their vocals and their choreography. John said he loved their performance. Dan + Shay reminded OK3 that they’ve made their career as a group and called OK3’s performance “phenomenal.” Chance pointed out that he has a 3 on his hat. Reba noted she’s a fellow Oakie. OK3’s vocal coach came on stage to help them decide.


Dani Stacy, 31, Hanford, Calif., “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor: Dani displays a nice tone and has all four coaches facing her way before she even reaches the chorus. That said, someone blocked Reba. There was a nice little cry in Dani’s voice on that final note. Chance called it an amazing performance. John liked the crackle, tone and rasp in her voice. Dani picked Chance, saying he seemed connected to her performance. Turns out he was the one who blocked Reba.


Justin and Jeremy Garcia, 17, Millbrea, Calif., “Story of My Life” by One Direction: Justin starts the song; Chance turns on the first line. These guys have really nice harmonies. Reba and Dan + Shay turn as well. The guys finish strong but can’t quite entice that final chair turn. Dan + Shay said they had to turn as soon as they realized they were a duo. Reba said she loves their enthusiasm and enjoyed their performance. The twins opted to join Team Dan + Shay.

Tae Lewis, 31, Goldsboro, N.C., “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban: John Legend turns at the end of the first verse. Tae started a bit slow, but seemed to kick up the performance another notch once he got that chair turn. And that prompts a chair turn from Reba as well. Nice ending by Tae. John said he loved the performance. Reba pushes her country credentials. She says Tae turned in a fun performance and an excellent vocal. Tae joined Team Reba.

Ryan Argast, 30, Plainfield, Ill., “Speechless” by Dan + Shay: Ryan starts off demonstrating nice range. And after a soft opening, he shows there’s some grit in that voice too. A big glory note from Ryan entices a chair turn from — who else — Dan + Shay. Though he didn’t turn, John complimented Ryan’s vocals. Dan + Shay said they loved his version of their song; then joined Ryan on stage to sing a bit of it.

Nadège, 26, Wellington, Fla: She opens with a nice soulful tone and also shows nice range, enticing a chair turn from John Legend and Chance. Her name means hope. John loves her musical style and joins her on stage to sing a bit of “Ordinary People.” Once he’s done, Chance joins her on stage to do the same, lest he be outdone. Reba says Nadege reminds her of Lauren Daigle. Nadège decided to join Team Chance.

Josh Sanders, 35, Kannappolis, N.C., “Whiskey on You” by Nate Smith: Josh has a nice country voice. And sounds even better once he hits the chorus. Near the end of the performance, Reba turns. And so does Dan + Shay. Josh’s daughter warned him he’d better pick Reba if she turned. Reba loved his vocal and his power. Shay said it’s a tough song to sing, and Josh did it well. Josh picked Reba.

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