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Predicting tonight’s outcome on The Voice

The Voice Top 4 of Rose Short, Ricky Duran, Katie Kadan and Jake Hoot. (NBC Photo)

The Voice Top 4 of Rose Short, Ricky Duran, Katie Kadan and Jake Hoot. (NBC Photo)


I’ve had Rose Short at the top of my Voice rankings for the past two weeks.

And if there was another week to Season 17, she’d probably remain there.

But when the confetti falls tonight just before 11 p.m. eastern time, my guess is that it will be falling on Jake Hoot.

And following a performance finale in which all four members of the Top 4 proved they belonged, that will be a perfectly fine outcome.

Let’s take a look at the Top 4’s chances and where I expect them to finish:

1. Jake Hoot (Team Kelly): The only pure country singer to make this year’s finals, Jake clearly connected with fans. He’s been the streaming champ four weeks running — though The Voice will only admit to the first two — and all of those bonus points carry over to tonight’s totals. That should have given Jake a nearly insurmountable edge before Monday’s show. If he doesn’t win, fans would be right to suspect shenanigans on the part of The Voice. I still think producers created the outcome they wanted in at least two past seasons.

2. Ricky Duran (Team Blake): Ricky’s the perfect example of why The Voice live shows should never be shorter than six weeks and include at least five weeks of finals. He got stronger and stronger as the competition wore on, culminating in the last two weeks when he scored iTunes’ hit with his “Let It Be” cover and his chart-topping original “A Woman Like Her.” When voting ended this morning, he was holding down the top five spots on the iTunes rock chart.

3. Katie Kadan (Team Legend): She was the first artist we met in Season 17, an early favorite and seemed to be the show’s “chosen one.” And she topped the iTunes charts for the first two weeks of the live shows, even though Jake claimed the streaming bonus. She was solid, not sensational, Monday night, and I’m still baffled by the Aerosmith song choice. If she winds up second and Ricky finishes third, I won’t be surprised. If she wins, I’ll suspect the outcome was rigged.

4. Rose Short (Team Kelly): She was sensational on her solos Monday night. But it didn’t reflect on the charts. She’s the only member of the Top 4 who didn’t crack the Top 10 on iTunes and likely destined for a fourth-place finish. Her holiday duet was an ill-advised Gwen Stefani Christmas release ill-suited to Rose’s big voice. It was also an iTunes flop, finishing well behind every other song performed Monday night. Which should be another reminder to Voice producers: STOP PANDERING TO THE COACHES!

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  1. Bren Max December 18, 2019 at 4:38 pm -  Reply

    Wow, four for four – you’re good at this prognosticating thing!

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