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RaeLynn, Brennley Brown, EllieMae, Holly Tucker release singles

  • Raelynn from The Voice Season 2
    Raelynn from The Voice Season 2


New post-Voice music out includes country singles from RaeLynn, Brennley Brown, EllieMae and Holly Tucker.

Here’s a bit about each of those releases.

The links take you to the songs on Apple Music.

* RaeLynn from Season 2 released a special demo called “Made for Me to Love” on Friday. For those who hadn’t heard, the country star is pregnant with her first child. She and husband Josh Davis are expecting a daughter. “I thought I was just going to share this song to announce my pregnancy, but I was overwhelmed by how many of you connected with it in the same way,” she wrote on Instagram, where she shared some of the videos sent to her by fans. “I dare you to watch this compilation and not cry your eyes out.

* Brennley Brown from Season 12 released a wonderful country ballad called “Remember It Wrong” on Friday. Writes Brennley: “While most will view this song as a broken yet somehow hopeful love story, it can also be told through the eyes of a child that is reflecting back on the moments/events that led up to the brokenness and separation of their family.
It will not leave you feeling hopeless because, maybe indeed, you remember it wrong.”

* Holly Tucker from Season 4 released “Rose in the Red Dirt” Friday. It’s a catchy country single which makes more sense when you know that Holly’s specialty is red dirt Texas country. It’s the first release of 2021 for Holly, who finished Top 6 on The Voice.

* EllieMae from Season 17 dropped “Levi’s” on Friday. She calls it “just something about a hard workin’ guy in their jeans.” She wrote the song with Anna Kline Randolph. It follows the excellent “Hope You’re Doin’ Well” as EllieMae’s second single of 2021.

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