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Rave reviews from fans for Cassadee Pope’s new album


Cassadee Pope, winner of The Voice Season 3, released an acoustic album Friday

Cassadee Pope, winner of The Voice Season 3, released an acoustic album Friday.

Cassadee Pope released her new album, “Rise and Shine,” on Friday, and fans are giving it glowing reviews on Facebook.

It’s also doing pretty well on Apple Music. Saturday, 36 hours after its release, the eight-song acoustic project was sitting at number four on the site’s country albums chart.

Cassadee had released about half the album in the run-up to the full release. A gem among the brand new songs is the ballad “California Dreaming.”

The album also includes “Hangover,” a song released by Cassadee’s pre-Voice band Hey Monday 10 years ago; and the addictive pop-leaning “Hoodie,” which also got the music video treatment (see below) from the Season 3 winner of The Voice.

“Back in April, I started thinking about what I could do with this abrupt down time that felt intentional and inspired<" Cassadee writes on social media. "I realized I had songs that could really help people feel through whatever it is they’re going through right now and the purpose of the down time became clear: to share those songs with you all. "I wanted to put something out there that will help aid you and your emotional journeys through everything we are experiencing. This project is really just for you and is there for whatever you need. To cry to it, laugh to it, smile to it. As long as we’re feeling, whether it’s good or bad, we’re ALIVE!" As for fans ... here's a bit of their reaction. Jason Eubank: “Love the new album Rise And Shine it’s amazing.”

Brittany Solomon-Bushey: “Congratulations on another amazing album!!! I love it!!”

Heather Ann Barker: “I just listened to it and it was amazing. Gave me all the feels and came at the perfect time in my life. Thank you.”

Hunter W. Rudolph: “It’s such a good album and I love that it’s acoustic!!!!”

When she announced the album earlier this year, Cassadee said she opted to go the acoustic route because the songs on “Rise and SHine” are ones she wanted her fans to her “in their purest form.”

It follows “Frame by Frame” (2013) and “Stages” (2019) as Cassadee’s third album since winning The Voice.

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