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Shadale talks about her blind audition experience on The Voice


Shadale listens to feedback from the coaches following her blind audition on The Voice Season 21. (NBC Photo)

Shadale listens to feedback from the coaches following her blind audition on The Voice Season 21. (NBC Photo)

Shadale was one of the final artists to audition for Season 21 of The Voice.

But the 29-year-old from Douglasville, Ga., made an impression.

First, she turned both available chairs — those of Kelly Clarkson and John Legend — with her performance of “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars.

Then John Legend predicted she could make the finale.

Here’s what Shadale told Voice Views about her blind audition experience and becoming the next to last singer to join Team Legend.

Voice Views:: How did you wind up auditioning for The Voice?

Shadale: I kept getting signs. I would get email notifications and one day my cousin’s wife sent me an inbox telling me to audition. I knew then, that something was pushing me towards this direction. So I went for it and here I am.

Voice Views: Why did you choose “That’s What I Like” for your audition song?

Shadale: I chose that’s “What I Like” for my audition song because it allowed me a chance to bring my personality to the song and gave me enough vocal space to play with creativity.

It was also a very risky choice. It’s not easy to sing Bruno Mars and that was the exact reason I chose to challenge myself.

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Voice Views: Did you realize so few spots remained on Season 21? And did that affect your approach in any way for your Bbind audition?

Shadale: I did not realize how many spots were left but I’m glad that I didn’t because it’s possible that it could’ve affected my performance. But not knowing allowed me to just focus on preparing myself for the biggest opportunity of my life.

Voice Views: How would you describe that blind audition experience?

Shadale: I would describe that blind audition experience as a rush, stressful, exciting, and surreal. My actual audition was a big black out. It’s like I wasn’t even there and it didn’t even happen. It was like a dream that I can barely remember. But to be on stage in front of four legendary icons was a magical moment that I can barely describe.

Voice Views: And why did you decide to join Team Legend?

Shadale: John was who I had originally planned on picking because I felt like he would push me and challenge me to do things outside of my comfort zone. I said to myself, “If John turns around, I am choosing him,” and I kept my promise.

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