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Shana Halligan talks about her time on The Voice


Shana Halligan performs during the battle round on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Shana Halligan performs during the battle round on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Shana Halligan was eliminated from The Voice during a Team Alicia Keys battle round match this week.

But before departing, the veteran musician twice impressed The Voice coaches with her unique style and ethereal vocals.

And Shana, who released two albums and an EP as front woman for the band Bitter Sweet, said she was re-energized artistically by The Voice experience.

Here’s what Shana told Voice Views about her times on the show.

Voice Views: I know the battles were filmed a while back. What have you been doing musically since then?

Shana: I have been involved in a number of exciting projects since the taping. I did a duet for the end title song with James Corden in the new Peter Rabbit movie. I also collaborated on and recorded an orchestra album with the electronic group Thievery Corporation after we performed with the Kennedy Center symphony in D,C. I wrote a song called “Hurricane” that was just used in the trailer for YouTube’s new series “Youth and Consequences”, and I’m writing a bunch of new material for my upcoming release. It’s been a very exciting time!!

Voice Views: Where do you see your time on the show leading you musically? Do you envision releasing more music anytime soon and, if so, what can you tell me about that?

Shana: I feel my time on the show was so helpful in recognizing that I don’t have to hide behind a band name any longer, which I’ve always done in the past (Bitter:Sweet). That idea is musically leading me to a place with less production, and more space to really put my vocals out there in even a more vulnerable and audible way.

I am incredibly re-inspired now and have been writing nonstop. I’m gathering a body of work together in the vein of my most recent single “Hurricane” combined with a more modern, evolved nod to my previous band Bitter:Sweet.

Voice Views: Do you think you grew as an artist as a result of The Voice experience? If so, in what way?

Shana: I absolutely grew as an artist from doing The Voice. I was thrown so completely far out of my comfort zone, it truly shook me. I have only really sung my own music, never covers, so stretching myself in that way, becoming more adaptable, and on national TV, inviting criticism, yet staying true to who I am at the core, actually broke me 100 percent open.

I feel I can rise to any occasion after an experience like that and for that, I am grateful and proud. If we don’t take risks, we can’t achieve greatness. So, whatever I do from this point on, is with more clarity, strength, and intention.

For more on Shana and the music she’s already released, head here. And here are Shana’s social media links.

Twitter: @ShanaHalligan

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