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Shawn Sounds, Madeline Consoer, Citizen Queen, Britton Buchanan drop singles

  • Shawn Sounds from The Voice Season 16
    Shawn Sounds from The Voice Season 16


New post-Voice music out includes singles from Shawn Sounds, Madeline Consoer, Citizen Queen and Britton Buchanan.

In the case of Shawn and Madeline, the releases mark their first originals since appearing on The Voice.

Here’s a bit about each of those releases.

The links take you to Apple Music. Or you can check out the Spotify snippets below.

* Shawn Sounds from Season 16 has released his debut solo single, an R&B tune called “Sunshine.” Thirty-three when he auditioned, Shawn made it all the way to the Top 6. “I often times wonder “what type of music do people want from me?'” Shawn wrote on Instagram in announcing the single. ”It took me a while to come up with the answer: ‘Whatever I give them.’ It was brought to my attention that my true fans are gonna support me and my music for what it is. They aren’t going to expect for me to sound like anyone else. They won’t be expecting my music to sound like anything I’ve covered in the past…and if it does, they’ll recognize that, and be okay with it.”

* Citizen Queen, featuring Hannah Mrozak from Season 13, dropped a pop single called “No Ego” on Friday The group was formed as an all-girl a cappella quintet two years ago and released a series of covers, including Billie Eilish’s mega-hit “Bad Gay.” “No Ego” — check out the accompanying music video too — marks the group’s second pop original, following “Call Me Queen.” Kaedi Dalley, Cora Isabel, Nina Nelson and Kaylah Sharve are the other members of the group.

* Madeline Consoer, who we just met on Season 19, has released her first original since. It’s called “love to hate u” and was written with Shwn and Emma Lynn. She really doesn’t hate the person she’s singing about in the catchy pop tune. That’s the problem; she sorta regrets breaking off their relationship. Oh, and Madeline posted that she just shot a music video, likely for this song.

* Britton Buchanan from Season 14 released “Can’t Help Myself” on Friday. In his release video, Britton admits he falls in love easily. “It’s a problem,” he says. “Can’t Help Myself” is his second single of 2021, following “I Hate the Way I Love You.” See a pattern?

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