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Song by song grades for Team Alicia Keys on The Voice


Britton Buchanan performs during the live playoffs on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Britton Buchanan performs during the live playoffs on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Britton Buchanan sailed into The Voice Top 12 thanks to fan support Monday night.

He’ll be one of three representatives of Team Alicia Keys in The Voice Season 14 finals.

We won’t learn the identity of the other two until Wednesday night.

But the other five members of Team Alicia — Jackie Foster, Terrence Cunningham, Kelsea Johnson, Christiana Danielle and Johnny Bliss — will return to the stage this evening.

One will advance based on fan voting. One will be saved by Alicia.

Here’s a look at Monday’s performances.

And check back Tuesday. I’ll be live blogging with song by song grades as Tam Alicia and Team Blake perform.

Britton Buchanan, “Some Kind of Wonderful” by Grand Funk Railroad: My, my, Britton. If you aren’t careful, you might win The Voice. Loved this performance, the guitar playing, the way Britton put down the guitar and worked the stage, the way he changed up the song just enough to keep it interesting. Heck, even the wardrobe choices matched the performance. What’s more, he sounded great. Grade: A.

Christiana Danielle, “Hey, Ya!” by Outkast: Christiana’s blessed with a distinctive voice that makes you pay attention, and that run at the end provided a nice finish. But she also went for some high notes that she didn’t exactly nail and will probably need a more dynamic song next time to make the Top 12. Grade: C

Jackie Foster, “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS: No fair. Jackie shows up on stage dressed like she’s ready for an evening at a fine restaurant, then tossed the mic stand aside and delivers a version of the INXS hit that I liked better than the original. Folks, that is why three coaches tried to steal Jackie in the battle round. And three more in the knockouts. She needs to make the finals. Grade: B+

Johnny Bliss, “América, América”: Johnny gambled singing an entire song in Spanish the first time America voting. It didn’t pay an immediate dividend. Worse, that very nice glory note at the end didn’t make me forget that he started the song so softly he was drowned out by the band or some pitch issues in the middle of the performance. Grade: C+

Kelsea Johnson, “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse: Dang, Kelsea sure brought the attitude to the stage, didn’t she? Really liked her tone on this song too. My only complaint — and it isn’t a small one — is that if I didn’t know the song, I would have had trouble making out many of the lyrics. Grade: B–

Terrence Cunningham, “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore” by Prince: Back behind a keyboard again, Terrence delivered plenty of vocal frills, demonstrated incredible range and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t make the finals via vote or Alicia’s save. I’m sure it’s a matter of personal preference, but I prefer listening to him when he doesn’t spend so much time using that falsetto. Grade: B

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