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Sydney Rhame talks about her first music since The Voice


Sydney Rhame from The Voice has dropped a new single called "Lose Myself."

Sydney Rhame from The Voice has dropped a new single called “Lose Myself.”

Three years after appearing on The Voice, singer-songwriter Sydney Rhame has started releasing new original music.

Her catchy new single “Lose Myself” dropped Friday under the Cheiron / Siri Music Group banner.

It follows her first post-Voice release, “Look Good Together,” which came out in April.

Coming from Sydney, the post-Voice music drought was a bit surprising.

After all, she was just 16 when she auditioned and earned a spot on The Voice Season 9, but she’d already released a pair of albums.

But Sydney told Voice Views the gap between releases was entirely intentional, part of her plan.

“Doing The Voice was never about fast fame or recognition; it was really about learning for me,” she said. “I thought it was really important to take the time to craft a sound, learn what I wanted as an artist, and to get a team of people who believed in me.

“Anyone can release a song, but I wanted to make sure that what I was releasing reflected who I am completely and figuring that out isn’t always a fast process. I’ve just always wanted to be a real authentic artist and authenticity takes time.

“When I released my older stuff, I was just this little girl sitting in her room writing serious unrequited love songs without having really lived what I was writing about,” she added.

“Now, I’m 20-years-old, trying to soak up all I can out of life and have as much fun as possible. And I want my music to sound like it

“I would say the main thing that’s changed from my old releases to my new stuff coming up is that I’m trying to make music that my friends and I would listen to, which is fun and lighthearted pop music.”

“Lose Myself” fits that mold, and Sydney says it’s “exactly the kind of pop music that I gravitate towards, which is rhythmic and catchy, but also has some sort of meaning.

“I thought ‘Lose Myself’ would be a good first single because it’s empowering, but also effortless in the way it’s delivered. I think it’s a good introduction into me as a person as well as the type of music people can expect to hear from me in the future.”

And there will be more music from Sydney, minus a three-year gap.

She says she’s currently working on her first post-Voice EP.

Here’s “Lose Myself.”

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