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The Voice battles begin with 20 4-chair turns, 8 on Team Legend

Ephraim Owens is one of the eight artists on Team John Legend who turned all four chairs during The Voice Season 24 blind auditions. (NBC Photo)

Ephraim Owens is one of the eight artists on Team John Legend who turned all four chairs during The Voice Season 24 blind auditions. (NBC Photo)


During the blind auditions, we kept hearing coaches promise to steal artists they couldn’t lure to their teams should another coach “mess up” during the battles.

No messing up will be required to put at least one Team Legend singer up for grabs.

John Legend did such a good job of convincing four-chair turns to join his team, he can’t possibly keep them all during the battles, which begin airing Tuesday night.

With 14 members per team, each coach will stage seven battle round matches.

Team Legend includes eight artists who turned every coaches’ chair during the blinds.

And with no saves available during this season’s battle — each coach has two steals — that means John will have to pit four-chair turns against one another in at least one of his battles.

Some other notes entering those battles:

* Every coach has at least four four-chair turns, meaning a staggering 20 artists turned all four coaches chairs during Season 24. I’m pretty sure that’s a Voice record.

* Season 24 is loaded with talented females. There are 56 spots on the show. Female artists claimed 36 of those spots. That’s 64 percent, just shy of two-thirds.

* Reba McEntire’sclearly had trouble winning artists with her low-key pitches. Six of her 14 artists are one-chair turns. No other coach had a single one-chair turn when spots on all four teams were in play.

* Lots and lots of these artists have already released music. And I’ve posted profiles of most of them. Those profiles include information on that already released music. Be sure to check them out. The ladies, in particular, have great original music out you can listen to now.

Here’s the breakdown on how the teams stack up heading into the battles. Artists are listed in the order they landed spots on the teams (or at least the way NBC aired their auditions).

The number in parenthesis is the number of chairs each artist turned. I’ve also totaled the chair turns by team. Not surprisingly, Team Legend leads in that regard.

Team Legend (8 gals, 6 guys, 8 four-chair turns, 46 total chairs)

Deejay Young (3)
Mara Justine (4)
Ephraim Owens (4)
Stee (4)
Claudia B (3)
Talakai (2)
Kaylee Shimizu (4)
Lila Forde (4)
Jarae Womack (4)
Elizabeth Evans (2)
Willie Gomez (4)
Caleb Sasser (4)
Azan (2)
Taylor Deneen (2) *

* Only 2 teams had spots when she auditioned.

Team Niall (9 gals, 5 guys, 4 four-chair turns, 41 total chairs)

Sophia Hoffman (2)
Alexa Wildish (4)
Olivia Minogue (3)
Julia Roome (2)
Reid Zingale (3)
Noah Spencer (3)
Laura Williams (4)
Lyndr (2)
Tanner Massey (3)
Nini Iris (4)
Olivia Eden (2)
Huntley (4)
Brailey Lenderman (2)
Lennon Vanderdoes (3) *

* One team was already full when he auditioned.

Team Gwen (10 gals, 4 guys, 4 four-chair turns, 2 spots left, 38 total chairs)

Joslynn Rose (3)
Kristen Brown (2)
Juliette Ojeda (3)
Jenna Marquis (3)
Chehci Sarai (4)
RUDI (4)
Jason Arcilla (2)
Bias (2)
Jacquie Roar (4)
Brandon Montel (4)
Kara Tenae (3)
Eli Ward (2)
Claire Heilig (1) *
Calla Prejean (1) **

* At least one team was full when she auditioned.
** All the other teams were full when she auditioned.

Team Reba (9 gals, 5 guys, 4 four-chair turns, 30 total chairs)

Jordan Rainer (4)
Jackson Snelling (2)
Ruby Leigh (4)
Mac Royals (4)
Tom Nitti (1)
Alison Albrecht (1)
Ms. Monet (2)
Rachel Nguyen (1)
Angelina Nazarian (2)
Al Boogie (1)
CORii (1)
Crystal Nicole (1)
Caitlin Quisenberry (2)
Dylan Carter (4)

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