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The Voice tries live voting, confuses (and hopefully loses) fans


Carson Daly announces results on The Voice Monday night. (NBC Photo)

Carson Daly announces results on The Voice Monday night. (NBC Photo)

At about 9 p.m. Monday night, I spotted a tweet from Voice fan Esmeralda Diaz Dimas.

It read: “I’m not able to vote. This keeps showing up. What is the problem?”

She was referring to a notification on the voting page that said voting wasn’t open yet.

I could understand her confusion.

After all, the homepage on The Voice website shouted: “The Voice Vote is Open. Vote Now!”

For the first time ever, The Voice tried live voting Monday night, with results announced at the end of the show.

Let me stress the word “tried.” Because The Voice did everything else wrong.

The show had announced live voting for the semifinals back when Season 23 began.

It didn’t announce any of the details.

It didn’t send out a press release about how the voting would work.

After all, press releases must be saved for important news, like announcing coaches for a season that hasn’t even started.

On Friday, NBC Insider posted some of the details, including that there would be a 5-minute voting window and fans would only be allowed to vote for one contestant.

Yep, I’m sure tons of Voice fans check out NBC Insider on a regular basis.

Even if they did, there was no mention of when that voting period would occur.

I’m sure lots of fans assumed the voting window would come at the end of the show. That’s what they’re used to from the past when the show used an instant save.

Of course, Carson Daly offered some helpful advice once Monday’s show started. Follow The Voice on Facebook or Twitter, he said, and you’ll receive notification of when voting will begin.

I’m sure that was quite helpful in the time zones where the show hadn’t even started.

Turns out, voting occurred between about 9:35 and 9:40 p.m.

Turns out, many fans missed it.

“This new voting system SUCKS!!!” tweeted Glenn Dupree.

Another fans suggested the show might have announced the precise time for the voting window beforehand.

Wow, what a novel idea. Imagine that. Announcing beforehand precisely when fans would be able to vote.

Here’s what Carson Daly should have said Monday night.

“This is The Voice.”

“I’m sure we’ve astounded you with our unique ability to screw up a once-great singing show with unnecessary gimmicks.

“I’m sure we’ve confused you with our endless format changes, including shortening several seasons to the point where the outcome is virtually meaningless.

“Well, guess what? We’re about to astound you again because now we’ve completely screwed up the voting too.

“Because, hey, this is The Voice!”


  1. TiredofTripe May 16, 2023 at 10:36 am -  Reply

    I feel sad for the people who tried to vote last night.

    West Coast contestants are always at a disadvantage.

    In the end, it is who the producers want to win.

    He/she/they get a trophy and 30 seconds of a victory.

    Next week it will be the “Farewell to Blake” show.

  2. Idol Girl May 16, 2023 at 2:29 pm -  Reply

    Guarantee you they will pimp Grace next week, so that Blake can have one last country winner.

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