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Tim Atlas wants to draw listeners together with his new EP


Tim Atlas of Season 9 of The Voice released Together Lonely on Friday

Tim Atlas of Season 9 of The Voice released Together Lonely on Friday.

Tim Atlas from The Voice Season 9 released his new EP “Together Lonely” on Friday.

On his website, he says the album was inspired by periods of “isolation and contemplation in his life.”

“This one didn’t come easy for me at first,” he adds on his Instagram. “But as soon as I let go of the expectations I built up in my head, the whole record put itself together and I’m so happy that it belongs to you now.”

As for the title, he explained to

“I hope this record does what music is supposed to do: bring people together,” he told the site.

“Some of us feel alone in our thoughts and in our lives. We all have our struggles and our demons, but I’d like for this to serve as a reminder that though we’re all messed up in the head, we’re all in it together.”

Since The Voice, Tim has produced releases for several of his Season 9 colleagues.

But he’s also released a good deal of music. “Together Lonely” is his third major project and his second since the show. And his songs have been streamed more than 30 million times on Spotify.

He’s also currently on tour with Goldroom. And that tour will be stopping in D.C. at Union Station on Wednesday.

Here’s the music video for “Crimes of Passion” from “Together Lonely.” This track includes a vocal assist from cehryl.

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