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Tje Austin, Avery Wilson drop timely new singles

  • Tje Austin from The Voice Season 1
    Tje Austin from The Voice Season 1


George Floyd’s death sparked nationwide protests amid a call for police reform.

So it isn’t surprising that artists have turned to music as an outlet for their input on what’s taking place.

New post-Voice music includes singles on the issue from Tje Austin and Avery Wilson. Trevin Hunte contributes vocals on a NewFaces release. And India Carney is the featured vocalist on a new cover with proceeds supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here’s a bit about each of those releases. The links, where available, take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out the Instagram snippets below.

* Tje Austin from Season 1 released a great new song called “I Can’t Breathe” a week ago. I think you can guess the focus, but you need to hear the song. Writes Tje on Instagram: “I’ve been pulled over over 20 times, and it scares me every time. I was stopped walking across the street from Target to my apartment complex because I matched a description. I have a very real fear of police officers. With the murder of George Floyd and the protests that have followed I haven’t been able to find the words to express the hurt/rage/fear, but on June 11th this song emerged. We need change in this country. This is just a song but it’s how many Americans, including myself, feel.”

* Avery Wilson from Season 3 evokes the names of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in his latest release, “Smoke.” “With all that’s going on in the world, I turn to music and get lost in it — the release brings me peace,” Avery writes on Instagram. He calls the song “just a couple of my thoughts sung out.” And well worth a listen.

* LA producer NewFaces has released “Say Their Names,” featuring a vocal assist from Trevin Hunte from Season 3. NewFaces describes his music as “C=classical influenced soundscape hip-hop” and writes of the new song: “This music is also for my white friends who still remain in the dark, who link me videos of Candace Owens degrading George Floyd’s name. Who look at the protesters as rioters and looters, instead of humans in pain. May you finally open your heart to something that is painful, but necessary. And in that open space, fill it with love and compassion, and anger, so that we can try to make some actual change.” Proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter.

* India Carney from Season 8 is the featured vocalist on Scary Pockets new cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Part of the proceeds from the song will go the NAACP and Black Lives Matter Los Angeles. Write India on Instagram: “I am a product of my ancestors who came before me. Now, more than ever, I’m so proud to be Black. Proud because, after everything people of color have been through in America, we are able to find the beauty in the hardest of situation.”

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