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What’s next on American Idol, and who’s likely to advance

American Idol's platinum ticket recipients Abi Carter, Odell Bunton Jr. and Julia Gagnon. (ABC Photo)

American Idol’s platinum ticket recipients Abi Carter, Odell Bunton Jr. and Julia Gagnon. (ABC Photo)


Sunday and Monday, viewers got to see the American Idol hopefuls enjoying their time in Hawaii.

Sure, there were performances, but the singers could celebrate their status as members of the show’s Top 24 without the fear of elimination.

Everyone left Hawaii still a member of the Top 24.

That changes big time this week.

And by the time Idol ends on Monday night, we’ll know for certain who the true front-runners are for Season 22.

The cuts begin Sunday night during a special three-hour episode of Idol.

Two singers from each group that performed last week will be eliminated, reducing the Top 24 to a Top 20.

Then all 20 remaining contestants will perform. And fans will vote again.

We’ll get those results during a two-hour episode Monday night when six more singers head home, leaving a Top 14.

And understand this: Only 10 of those singers will be selected by fans, based on the voting from Sunday’s show.

The other four will be wild-card choices by the Idol judges, who will disclose their picks after everyone performs again, some as newly minted members of the Top 14, some in a bid to secure one of those last four spots.

And don’t assume those picks will automatically go to the singers who turn in the best performances.

The judges will also be making sure the season 14 cast is diverse, both in terms of males vs. females and in terms of musical genres.

For instance, if three or four female singer-songwriters wind up being voted into the Top 14, the judges are unlikely to add another.

That means it’ll be crucial for fans to vote for their favorites Sunday night.

Idol hasn’t revealed the voting hours, but the methods will remain the same, via the Idol app, at and via text, with a maximum of 30 votes per contestant.

There will be no voting Monday night. Voting will go live, meaning only during show hours, the following Sunday when the Top 14 sing songs by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees.

Who’s most likely to make that Top 14?

Here are my predictions.

The front-runners: Will Moseley, Triston Harper, Kaibrienne (KB) Richins. If I had to handpick three finalists, these would be my bets at the moment. Triston is phenomenal for his age. Will has a voice Idol fans will love. Kaibrienne won me over with her emotional Hollywood Week performance and her heartfelt debut single (“Girl I Am Now”).

The platinums: That ticket isn’t a guarantee of anything. Last year, two recipients had been eliminated by this point. Julia Gagnon, Odell Bunton Jr. and Abi Carter have all been impressive. My hunch: Abi has made the biggest impression on fans. My other hunch: All three make the Top 14. Speaking of debut singles, have you heard Abi’s “It’s All Love?” It’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

The other gals: Emmy Russell and McKenna Breinholt head a talented group of female singer-songwriters. Country singer Mia Matthews came on strong in Hollywood and Hawaii. Nya has the charisma and powerful vocals to represent the belters; a surprising song choice done well Sunday would go a long way toward solidifying that status.

The other guys: Mackenzie Sol was the most impressive of the male pop singers in Hawaii. I’ll be pulling for Roman Collins if he follows up his remarkable Hawaii performance with another. Ajii is a force on the Idol stage. If there’s a seven/seven split between guys and gals, it’s likely to come down to Kayko and Jordan Anthony.

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American Idol judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with host Ryan Seacrest. (ABC Photo)

American Idol judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with host Ryan Seacrest. (ABC Photo)

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