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Who’s likely to advance this week on Idol


So, you thought the American Idol gals were pretty good in Las Vegas last Wednesday?

I just glanced at the list of ladies we haven’t heard sing yet.

And came to the conclusion that we could be in for an even better show this week.

Melinda Ademi is one of the contestants to watch when competition resumes for the American Idol ladies Wednesday in Vegas. (FOX Photo)The Idol judges will pick 10 more semifinalists and send home 10 more singers this week.

Just like last week, the gals sing on Wednesday (8 to 10 p.m.) and the guys on Thursday (8 to 10 p.m.).

Let’s look at who’s singing and who’s likely to advance.

Follow the links attached to the names and they’ll take you to a bio blog, complete with pre-Idol videos of most of the singers.

The ladies:

Favorites: Janelle Arthur and Candice Glover have gotten tons of screen time and been impressive every time. They’d have to stumble badly not to make the semifinals.

Watch out for: Seldom-seen Aubrey Cleland (making her second trip to Vegas after her third straight trip to Hollywood), Melinda Ademi (featured in Season 10 and impressive in final Hollywood solo round), Cristabel Clack (talented gospel singer), Rachel Hale (yet another fine country singer).

Wild cards: Seldom seen Jett Hermano (a pop singer), Juliana Chahayed (remember “Landslide” from Day 3 in Hollywod?), Breanna Steer (she was part of the Misfits group in Hollywood with Angela Miller, Janelle and the since-departed Kez Ban).

Please, no: Zoanette Johnson. Sorry, but with so many serious and seriously talented female singers taking the stage, I’m hoping there isn’t room in the semifinals for a contestant whose personality trumps her vocals.

Cortez Shaw is one of the favorites among the guys who will compete Thursday night on American Idol. (FOX Photo)The guys

Favorites: Cortez Shaw has demonstrated great range; Nick Boddington is a talented and seasoned musician. If the guys are as weak as last week, they should waltz into the semifinals.

Everyone will be watching: Lazaro Arbos. To this point, it’s been tough to separate his story-line as a once-shunned stutterer from his vocals. But that’s what the judges need to do Thursday. If Lazaro advances, here’s betting the sentimental favorite makes the Season 12 finals.

Watch out for: Mathenee Treco (in Vegas for a 2nd time), Burnell Taylor (the guy who made Mariah cry he was so good in Baton Rouge), Josh Holiday (he was great in his Chicago audition, but needed a sing-off win to make it to Vegas).

The mysteries: Bryant Tadeo and David Willis haven’t gotten enough screen time for us to know what they’re capable of.

Longshots: Vincent Powell (Curtis Finch already grabbed the male gospel spot), Gurpreet Singh Sarin, aka “The Turbinator” (remember, he had to beg his way to Hollywood by telling Nicki he had a turban that same color as her wig de jour),

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