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Addison Agen drops post-Voice album, announces tour


Addison Agen from The Voice Season 13

Addison Agen from The Voice Season 13.

More than three years after finishing second on The Voice Season 13 at age 16, Addison Agen has released her post-show debut album.

“When the Morning Comes” landed last month, and Addison has announced a 13-date tour to support the album.

That tour begins with a hometown show Thursday in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and includes two stops in Pennsylvania. Ticket information is available on Addison’s website.

Addison pre-released three tracks — “Floating,” “My Kitchen Floor” and “Still Yours” — from the 12-song album.

Also be sure to check out the magnificent ballad “Lion,” on which Addison wonders if there’s room in the world for a “tender-hearted lion.” I’ve embedded a Spotify snippet below.

“The process of creating this album has been a journey,” Addison writes on Instagram. “From writing the songs, to raising the money to record it, to finding who we wanted to play on the album, who we wanted to produce it, where we wanted to record it and then recording the whole thing during a pandemic.

“I’m so thankful and proud of everyone who was a part of the making of ‘When the Morning Comes’ and I’m so grateful for the heart and intention behind every note and musical choice that was made on this album. Thank you for sticking with me.”

Addison told CBS affiliate Channel 15 in Fort Wayne that the album features a mix of her musical influences.

“It’s sort of a collection of my ideas and my heart and my sound,” she said. “So there’s tidbits of jazz here in there, types of country. So it all intermixes to see what people react to really well and what I really enjoy playing. So it’s sort of like it’s a test run of an album to see just what people connect with and see how it goes.”

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