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Toneisha Harris, Brian Nhira, MarissaAnn drop new music

  • Toneisha Harris from The Voice Season 18
    Toneisha Harris from The Voice Season 18


New post-Voice music out includes releases from Toneisha Harris, Brian Nhira and MarissaAnn. For Toneisha, it marks her first single since finishing second on the show.

Here’s more about each of those songs.

The links take you to the releases on Apple Music.

* Toneisha Harris, runner-up on Season 18, has released “Let’s Change the World,” her first single since the show. Writes Toneisha on Instagram: “It’s clear we don’t always look at people as humans first. We look at color, religion, orientation, financial status first. Let’s get back to humanity and that’s what #letschangetheworld is all about. I hope it speaks that to you and unifies us all!”

* Brian Nhira from Season 10 has a new single out called “Alright.” It’s about keeping your head up when things don’t quite work out as planned. The accompanying music video finds Brian playing the role of a homeless musician who keeps catching glimpses of a brighter future. You’ll also spot Brian’s wife Sonia and their young son Zayden Glory in the video below.

* MarissaAnn from Season 3 has a new pop single out called “Show You.” It’s a song she wrote with Bryan Jaymes. “After a little hiatus, I’m excited to share with you one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. I’ve been holding onto this one for quite some time,” MarissaAnn writes on Instagram. The pop/R&B singer from Long Island, N.Y., was just 15 when she landed a spot on Season 3 of The Voice and advanced to the knockout round. “Show You” is her first release since 2019.

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