After The Voice

An alternate playlist for The Voice Season 15 finale


It’s shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m not a fan of the way The Voice uses guest performance spots on the show.

In my opinion, guest stars with no connection to the show shouldn’t be invited.

Guest coaches and advisers can stay away too, if the publicity of being a guest coach or adviser isn’t enough.

And since the coaches get tons of airtime and publicity — not to mention a pretty fat paycheck — from being a Voice coach, they’d do well to turn the performance spots over to past contestants who don’t benefit from such a high-profile platform.

So here’s an alternative playlist to tonight’s finale, completely made up of former contestants.

Some you might remember. Some you might not.

But they all have music worthy of hearing.

Just wish The Voice felt the same. And more of an obligation to make sure their music is heard.

2018 albums and EPs by past Voice contestants
2018 singles by past Voice contestants
2018 music videos by past Voice contestants

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